A Hollywood Executive's True Story of Discovering the Real World of Make-Believe

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This inspirational memoir, told with uncensored Southern wit and guidance, recounts the story of a Hollywood film executive who journeys through the cosmic wilderness and, against all odds, discovers psychic superpowers that radically transform her life. 

Welcome to my gallery of ghosts photographs.  Through my journey into the cosmic wilderness, I took about 9,000 photographs of ghosts.  I’ve included just a few for now, more to come.

It took a month or so, but I finally figured out the ghosts weren’t just following me around – ghosts are everywhere.  I started to see ghosts in other people’s photographs.  So I invite you to send me your photographs.  I will happily investigate each one and send them back to you with notes.  I will turn it around as quickly as I can.  And check the box on the form if you would like your photograph included in the gallery.

Please keep coming back for periodic updates.

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Sad Lady

You just look at her and feel her sadness. Why this Sad Lady ghost came to see me that night, I honestly do not know for sure. What I can tell you that she’s a reminder to live a happy life.

Mr. Black Eye

This guy was hiding in a plume of sage smoke. He showed up about twice the size a human head. I had to flip to negative mode to see his features. (I use an APP called PicShop.) I think he had a rough go while being a human.

Neil Diamond

I love Neil Diamond—and so did my mom—so I was giddy to go to his concert under the big half-shell dome of the Hollywood Bowl. I didn’t think much of the photos I took until a few months later, when a friend liked one that I’d posted earlier on Facebook. I looked more carefully at the shot and there it was: someone or something in the corner of the stage that looks like a stagehand. I’m 100 percent positive that it was not there when I snapped the pic. How had I missed that? Once I adjusted the color scheme on the image I had a “holy shit” moment: The image did not change—this “person” was all one shade, which is a surefire sign of a ghost. I was positively delighted when I discovered this guy hanging out on the stage at the Hollywood Bowl.


Finding Kingfrog in this photo was a bit of an accident. I was searching through sage smoke when I saw him and his flashlight eyes next to the sage pot. His eyes are mesmerizing.  The sage pot will make sense when you read my book.

As a senior executive at one of the world’s largest movie studios, Julie Rieger spent her days marketing the imaginary stories of ghosts, faeries, superheroes, aliens, and more fantastical creatures. But after the devastating loss of her mother, the world of make-believe became reality when Julie captured her first ghost in a photograph and blew open a door to the Other Side.

The Ghost Photographer chronicles Julie’s wild ride down the spiritual rabbit hole. After a series of unexpected, mind-blowing, and sometimes frightening encounters with the spirit realm, Julie was forced to face this strange awakening, flying in the face of scientific dogma and her own die-hard skepticism. Ultimately, she discovered that what she thought she had lost with the death of her mother—unconditional love—was in fact the greatest superpower one can wield.

In a refreshing departure from traditional supernatural tales, Julie tells her story with bold humor and total candor. Her journey juxtaposes her down-home roots in rural America with the glam of Hollywood and her professional universe of hard, empirical data. Julie is empowered to fearlessly tell her story, teach others, and invite them to share their own experiences of the paranormal and unexplained. She offers insights into our relationship with the spirit world, prayers and rituals for cleansing and protecting our homes from unwanted ghosts, and guidance on how to develop our intuition and sixth sense.